Fair of collectivities

What is the best thing that can happen to a pregnant cocinofílica, former pseudo-hippy?

It is clear: to make a fair regional cuisine 3 blocks from his house.

Although Coco and the Doctor recovering from the flu, woke up the family and head out to this Fair for the Authorities , along with Child, Georgie, who had spent the night at home. I brought extra money because I know that these fairs are like my Rodeo Drive.

Child Georgie cut his hair and took 48h joking with his new look.

The fair was divided into booths for crafts and resale of objectives feriables, food stalls to consume at the moment and stalls of regional products. Among these latter had several interesting, in the majority I bought some other thing. Here is a photographic record of the day and the purchase, of which I will continue discussing in the following post, as I go testing the products and researching a little more about them.

In addition I bought arepa egg in the post colombia to the Doctor and Child Georgie, passion fruit juice, calzone with ham and cheese in the since Italian and empanadas salteñas, delight of Coquito.

In the end, this is nothing more than the introduction to some of the post that will come later. Already told you I will tell. I asked for card at all, I asked if you were home and you know what? until I got dealer of Feta Cheese. I'm entusiasmadísima.