Cake Espárragos Four Cheeses: porrito of radicchio

Dear friends,

I had every intention of telling you a funny story about asparagus but I have found here a fact that perplexed me.

It seems that some chefs british, dedicated, as it does, to the kitchen molecular, managed to spray the asparagus so that they are view quite similar to the cocaine.

In addition, they offer it in lines on mirrors.

Up here it's anecdotal.

You may not think that what perplexed me is the issue of the shovel-spear, but it is not.

No, No.

What I can't get out of my head is what to eat on the nose. What we are going to make to eat by the nose?, WHAT WE ARE GOING TO MAKE TO EAT BY THE NOSE?

What's next?, what a brownie by the ear?

Lords of Molecular Cuisine, I ask a little bit of sanity. All good with the experience, but, please, a little sanity. This is getting out of hand.

Until the foam tortilla were going well. And I thought: well, how nice, these kids investigate, play, have fun in the kitchen, create maquinolas new... The truth that seemed to me very interesting.

But what you eat through your nose... what WE are GOING TO MAKE to EAT BY THE NOSE, GUYS? I don't get out of my astonishment.

In the end, as it is, I don't think that the paddle-asparagus is very saciadora so if you try it and are eager, when you arrive home we make this pie with asparagus, four cheeses, that is terrific. Pairs well with a porrito of radicchio.



for a cake alargao type pudding

  • 1/2 bundle of asparagus
  • 3 eggs
  • 1 onion
  • 1/2 cup provolone cheese (grated or diced)
  • 1 tbsp. panzona cream cheese spread
  • 1/2 cup cheese buttery
  • 1 tbsp. panzona blue cheese
  • 1 tbsp. butter
  • Pie dough, purchased or homemade (click here to see how to make pie dough salt)


Cake recipe of Asparagus with Four Cheeses

it is quite simple


1. Blanqueá the asparagus (if you don't know how to do this, look at this 30 second video: How to cook asparagus, which are not hard). Dividilos in 2 parts: to one part, separale the beads of the tips and reservá. The other part, trituralos with the minipimmer until you have a smooth paste. Do not add water.


2. Cut the onion into cubes and salteala in the tablespoon of butter.

3. Add the onion, over medium-low heat, the cheese provolone. Mové until melted.

4. Add the rest of cheeses: the blue, the buttery, the of spreads. Remové to integrate them all.


5. Incorporá asparagus, crushed and mix to integrate. You'll be left with a mix of cheese green.

6. When you are integrated, sacá of the fire and leave to cool for a few minutes.

7. Add the 3 eggs, salt and pepper. Remové to integrate.


8. Disponé the dough in a baking pan or budinera and pinchala.

9. Add on the mass of the half of the mixture of asparagus and cheese. Place the beads of asparagus that we had booked next to each other.

10. Add the rest of the mixture and put well the edges of the dough (towards the inside). Place the asparagus tips reserved, I put it on the outside of the dough.

11. Lead to oven moderate for about 20-25 minutes, or until you see golden mass.



So is the cake

the cheese, always the friend of the wine